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Interscholastic Athletics

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At Digital Harbor, wrestlers learn about leadership and resilience along with their sport

Physical health is an essential aspect of overall well-being. In addition to physical education as part of the school curriculum, middle and high school students can compete in interscholastic athletics outside the regular school day.

By playing on a school team, students 

  • Increase physical fitness 
  • Develop physical skills, including strength, coordination and endurance
  • Build self-reliance and emotional maturity
  • Broaden interpersonal experiences that result in social growth and understanding in human relations
  • Gain opportunities to develop mental acuity and effective problem-solving skills

And school teams contribute to the well-being of the entire school by promoting

  • Understanding and appreciation of the place of athletics in American culture
  • Ideals of good sportsmanship
  • School morale and student involvement in school
  • The school as a community that includes current students, families, staff, alumni, patrons, partners and friends

Contact individual schools to find out which sports they offer. 

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Volleyball at Patterson High School


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