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Heating and Cooling

Through new construction, renovation, replacement, and maintenance, City Schools is working to make our classrooms as comfortable as possible. Because many buildings have old heating systems or no air-conditioning, this work is ongoing. To make sure we can respond quickly to heating or cooling problems, in the 2018-19 school year we installed remote temperature sensors in all our buildings. 


In prolonged or extreme cold weather, some schools with older heating systems can experience problems with malfunctioning heating equipment or burst pipes and associated water damage. In this case, the district may need to close buildings or dismiss early due to lack of adequate heat and water.


City Schools is moving to install air-conditioning in all district-owned buildings, through either the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) or the 21st Century School Buildings Program. The plan calls for systems that provide both cooling and heat, to address temperatures year round. Depending on the school, the system may be a building-wide central HVAC system or wall-mounted "vertical package" room units.


Air-conditioning plan

Updated May 2019

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