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(Baltimore, MD) -- The points made by the ACLU and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund in today’s letter to Governor Hogan come as no surprise. According to its own analysis, the state has been underfunding Baltimore's public schools by $290 million annually, a shortfall that has compounded over time with devastating effects on the district's ability to provide the programs, support, and facilities our students need. Our schools have experienced the effects of this underfunding for many years, and our students continue to go without resources and opportunities their peers in more affluent districts can access routinely. 
We thank the ACLU and NAACP for their continuing advocacy on the part of Baltimore’s children. We look forward to Governor Hogan's response and to working with him and our families, staff members, community, and lawmakers to right this wrong and realize a vision of adequacy and equity for our students and our city.