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Applying for Snack and Supper

For the 2019-20 school year, Food and Nutrition Services will provide snack and supper to young people participating in after-school programs in all schools. These nutritious meals are prepared and served by cafeteria staff and are free to participants as well as the school and after-school program. An after-school program may not charge for or include a fee for participants to receive meals.


Participants must

  • Attend a supervised after-school activity
  • Be 2-18 years old
  • Consume meal on site

Note: After-school program opportunities must be open to all. A limited enrollment program such as an intramural sports team cannot receive meals unless there are other after-school opportunities that are open to all. Please email Food and Nutrition if you have questions.

Process to participate
  1. Complete the online registration.
  2. Visit the school's cafeteria and inform the manager that you submitted a registration.
  3. Meet with your school’s cafeteria manager for snack training.
  4. The cafeteria manager will determine the start date based on when the food items are available and staffing is in place.

Food and Nutrition Services requires 10 business days to begin meal service. Supper must be served within 1 hour of the last bell. Registration is required for each program occurring at your school. (For example, if you have five programs, you will submit five applications.)


Supper. Food and Nutrition staff is responsible for serving meals and handling accountability. No training is necessary. Get to know your cafeteria staff to help foster communication.

Snack. Training is required for the snack program since it is served by the after-school program staff (not cafeteria staff). Those responsible for serving snack must meet with the cafeteria manager for training. Snacks cannot be provided until the designated staff has received training. Training can be provided to new staff throughout the school year.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are meals delivered?

Supper is prepared and served by cafeteria staff in the same way as school lunch. For snacks, after-school coordinators are responsible for serving. You will meet with your school’s cafeteria manager to make arrangement for pick up.

What do I do if my enrollment changes?

Most adjustments can be made by contacting your school's cafeteria manager. Significant changes can take up to 10 business days.