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Summer job opportunities

City Schools offers summer learning opportunities for students across the city in every grade. Jobs at these programs include teachers, social workers, hall monitors, and many more and are open to current City Schools employees. Please follow the steps below to apply.

Screenshot of summer jobs section of website

  1. To start the application process,  click here.
  2. In the upper left corner, navigate to the text in red (see image to the right) that reads, If you're a current employee, please click here to complete an internal transfer application. Click "here."
  3. Create an account by clicking on Create
    Account. Select Internal Employee Application and then select Create Account again. 
  4. Complete the application. Fields with an asterisk are required.  Use your City Schools email address for the email. If you are a certified teacher applying for a teaching position or program lead position, for Applicant Type, select Teachers & Licensed Professionals. If you are not applying for a teaching position or a position that requires certification, please select Support Staff.
  5. Create a username and password that you'll remember. Then click Save and Next. You have now successfully created the account.
  6. Click the blue login button.
  7. Enter the username and password you just created, and click login.
  8. Answer the account recovery questions.

    Screenshot of careers website
  9. Accept the disclaimer.
  10. Click on My Application in the upper left corner (see image on the right).
  11. On the "My Application" screen, you'll see different sections. Employees are only required to fill in the Profile section. All other sections are optional. If you begin to complete one of the optional sections, any boxes with an asterisk will become mandatory. Click Save and Next to advanced to another section of the application, or select Jobs to apply for a specific job.
  12. On the jobs screen, you'll find the open positions for current City Schools employees. Click view/apply for additional information about the job. You can also search by job or job title. To find all summer jobs, enter "summer" in filter results on this page.
  13. To apply for a job, click View/apply, then Apply for the Job.
  14. After applying for a job, an email will be sent to the address provided.